Abuse Report

Report sexual misconduct to local law enforcement as well as through the Diocese of Orange’s toll-free reporting line: (800) 364-3064.

This line is for reporting suspected sexual misconduct or child abuse within the institutions and ministries of the Diocese of Orange only. If you have some other type of complaint, please call the appropriate Diocesan parish, school, or office directly. Unless your call involves a report of suspected sexual misconduct, it will receive no action by leaving a message on this toll free reporting line. If you wish to make a report of “child abuse” but it does not involve suspected misconduct by one of our diocesan or parish priests, deacons, ministers, employees or volunteers, please make your report to the appropriate protection agency. You can call your local police department, or use the “child abuse hotline” number : ______________________.

Reporting Suspected Abuse of a Minor

If your report involves suspected sexual misconduct of a diocesan clergy (bishop, priest, deacon), or religious (sister or brother) or employee or volunteer with a minor (under age 18), we strongly encourage you to identify:

  • The child or children in danger and their location
  • The name of the suspected abuser
  • Your name, address, and phone number

Please note that leaving a complaint on this telephone line is not the same as making a report to the police or child protective agencies. In the case of minors, you should also make a report to the police or appropriate child protective agency. Though we follow up on anonymous complaints regarding minors, please understand that for the protection of children it is a great help in finding the truth of the situation if it is possible to speak with you directly

Reporting Suspected Misconduct with an Adult

If your report involves suspected sexual misconduct of a diocesan clergy, religious, employee or volunteer with another adult, we are not able to act on anonymous complaints. So we can follow up with complaints involving adults in a prompt manner, please be prepared to provide:

  • Your full name, address and phone numbe
  • The names and locations of the parties involved