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We are excited to announce that the Office for Worship is making a new resource available to our diocesan parish RCIA teams: FORUM Webinars through our new RCIA Extranet!

With the dissolution of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate, our Office was offered the opportunity of purchasing 13 of their webinars in English.  Since FORUM webinars have proved to be great tools of learning and team formation, we made the purchase and are making them available to our diocesan parishes through our new RCIA Extranet.

It is our hope that parishes will take advantage of these webinars and will use them to provide formation for their RCIA teams.  This can be accomplished by setting up webinar viewings for parish teams and following them with conversation, such as a Q & A or a reflection portion after viewing the webinars.  These webinars are a wonderful tool for your team. We are encouraging our parishes to use them actively and creatively!  We are also encouraging deaneries to get together, view the webinars, reflect on what they hear and share best practices.

The first step to accessing the webinars is to set up a unique username and password for your parish.  Please call Deacon Modesto Cordero in the Office for Worship at 714-282-3041. Once you have acquired your username and password, you may access the webinars at the address below:

Once you have entered your username and password, you will have access to 13 FORUM webinars.

Per our agreement with FORUM, the Webinars are available to your parish on a secure site and through password protection. This is so that the copyright of the webinars is honored and not freely shared on the internet.  We ask that each RCIA coordinator practices responsibility with their own username and password by personally setting up each viewing of the webinars, rather than distributing their access codes to his or her entire RCIA team and or staff.

If you need help accessing the extranet or have any questions or comments, please contact our office by calling 714-282-3041.


Thank you,

Deacon Modesto Cordero, Director