About Life?

Try Alpha Online.

Alpha Online is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. We create a non-judgmental and open environment where it’s easy for anyone who is atheist, skeptic, or just curious about faith to explore questions of life with new friends.

If you're looking for a judgment-free space to ask hard questions and share your own opinion, there's a place for you.

Orange Diocese Online Alpha begins Wednesday, September 7. Discuss, meet new friends, and join Alpha from the comfort of your own home:


Alpha is an opportunity to explore life’s big questions together in an open, informal environment.


The episodes unpack the basics of the Christian faith, addressing questions such as Who is Jesus?, How can we have faith? and How does God guide us?


Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to spark conversation with those just like to you!


Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for everyone (18+) who is willing to have an honest conversation. No matter your background, history, or beliefs. You are welcome.

How long does Alpha last?

Alpha is a series of ten sessions. You are welcome to try it one week to see if it’s a fit for you. There’s no pressure to return.

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